Texas Attorney General Opinions

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Texas Attorney General Opinions are extremely important: Courts give them great weight, state officials almost always obey them, and the press routinely reports on their political impact. Unlike court opinions, administrative regulations, and political events, however, there is no law, rule, or publicly-known custom that governs how Texas Attorney General Opinions are drafted, reviewed, and published. Nor do law schools train attorneys to influence their outcome.

The only way to know how to navigate the Texas Attorney General Opinion process is to have experience within that process. The attorneys at Cobb & Counsel have spent over a decade researching, drafting, and editing Attorney General Opinions. We know what to include—and, perhaps more importantly, what not to include—in briefs.  And, we know exactly when to submit briefs. We know what the people who write Attorney General Opinions are interested in learning from outside parties, and how to present that knowledge in a useful, efficient way.

ag-opinion-request-price-danielOther attorneys might treat the Attorney General Opinion process as an appellate court decision, an administrative proceeding, or some kind of legislative event, but it is none of those things; it is totally unique.

If you want a governmental official to request an Attorney General Opinion on a topic that matters to you, or if someone has already requested an Attorney General Opinion, and you need to tell the Attorney General your side of the story before the Opinion is issued, you will need lawyers who have the unique expertise and experience required to work successfully within the Attorney General Opinion process.

Texas Attorney General Opinions are too important, and the process to create them is too distinct, to approach them without specialized knowledge and very rare experience. We have that knowledge, and we enjoy that experience. Contact us today to get started: 512-693-7570