Texas Oil and Gas Litigation

Black oil barrels lined up with one tipped over spilling oilThe Texas oil and gas industry has never been more important, and it has never been more under siege.

The industry is producing more energy at lower prices and with less pollution than it ever has, but it is confronted with challenges posed by changing land use practices, suburbanization, and changing political attitudes.

Fifty years ago, most members of the Texas Legislature were from rural areas, and there was relatively little development between cities and towns. Today, most elected officials represent cities and suburbs, with roads and other infrastructure filling up what used to be open land. Consequently, the officials’ constituents live closer to Texas oil and gas production than they used to, and the pipelines and other structures that make production possible have to cross more and more occupied, valuable land. At the same time, the regulatory regime that encouraged oil and gas production in Texas is losing influence, while the forces encouraging environmental protection and landowner rights is gaining it very quickly.

Oil & Gas Litigation Attorneys in Austin, Texas

Oil PumpTexas oil and gas producers and pipelines need to be prepared to meet these growing challenges. Falling back on the same old strategies and tactics used by the same venerable operatives could lead to the permanent loss of industry power.

Today, taking the Chairman of this or that committee to dinner a couple of times a year is not enough. Filing a brief with your company’s or association’s name on it, and thinking that judges will be influenced by your interest in a case, is totally inadequate.

You need to understand the emerging politics of this state. You must understand the powers that cities and counties have. You need to be aware of the effect that social pressure can have on issue advocacy in today’s digital, mobile media environment. You need to know about demographic and economic trends. You have to have people fighting for you who see the whole picture, and are willing to do more than go through the same old motions—the ones that have put the Texas oil and gas industry in a pretty tight spot right now. With our oil and gas litigation expertise on your side, you will be closer to achieving your desired outcome.

We know about the current legal and political climate in Texas. We will not revert to what worked in 1960, 1980, or even 2000. Things are different now. We’re different, too, and we can use that to your advantage. If you need serious Texas oil and gas litigation attorneys on your side, contact us today. Call 512-693-7570 today.